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After 2016 left the world in disbelief, people all over the world prayed intensively for a happy new year. At least /r/anime made it well through into 2017 with many engaging discussions and analyses of the past year, as well as predictions for the upcoming season.



Overall production of anime is not declining


A lot of manual labour went into pke1029‘s statistics as they went through the Anime-Planet database to collect the amount and length of anime since 1990.

Data/Analysis Review of the Anime Industry’s Financials in 2016 blog.sakugabooru.com


Sakugabooru is a reliable source for webms of exceptional animation, as well as comprehensible blogposts about the anime industry. This article is another valuable piece that looks over the financials of the last year, drawn from multiple sources. It features and explains comprehensible graphs from the sources

Seiyuus with the most anime roles in 2016 animatetimes.com

An overview about the japanese voice actors with the most roles in anime that aired in 2016, divided by gender. Posted and translated by summer_petrichor.

Discussion on “How Much Do Anime Studios Matter?”

In response to a DigiBro video about the topic Canipa09 opened multiple interesting discussion threads about the topic, both refuting the video itself and partly elaborating on the the topic.

The Staff of Winter 2017 – Part 3

staff winter 2016

The final part of the look ahead by IISuperSlothII. They put a special focus on the known staff of the anime of next season, evaluating the possible qualitative tendency of the series.

Osamu Yamasaki Discusses Industry’s Work Conditions Animenewsnetwork

Another brick in the horrible collection of experience reports related to the horrible wages in the anime industry that stand in stark contrast with the growing industry.

Financiers said ‘no,’ public said ‘yes,’ to hit anime movie asahi.com

There was a lot of talk about the wildly successful Kimi no Na wa and some about Koe no Katachi, but there was little talk about the world war 2 drama Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni. The article goes on about the struggle of the project to get funding, but was saved by word of mouth and a very successful attempt of crowdfunding to get a pilot film to get investors.

Discussion on “Tomino states Kimi no Na wa will be forgotten in 5 years” yaraon-blog.com

The japanese source was translated by ss_lmtd, but isn’t the most interesting thing to take out of the thread. Discussions about the continualness of a project with this scale of success are very interesting indeed.


WT! – Compilation – December 2016

God bless kaverik and his quest of highlighting and rewarding “WT!” write-ups. December not only featured more threads than November, but a lot more highly upvoted ones, mostly related to recent shows. If you missed out this season a quick look can provide you surely with some interesting candidates to catch-up to.

Weekly Genre Discussion – #6 – Romance

Diligently EliseTheSpiderQueen still sticks to their fascinating thread idea and provides a genre discussion topic with pillar questions. Even in it’s sixth iteration it’s not visited well, but some of the replies are really interesting to read.


The End of Fall 2016 Survey!

The year has finished up and so has the Fall cour. Contribute to the survey to add to the grander picture of /r/anime’s view on the last season.

/r/Anime Fanart Contest 5th Edition: Winners!

The Christmas Fanart Contest organised by ImVoi has concluded and three worthy winners took the first places.

Best Guy Contest

ShaKing807 is out for salt again! The third Best Guy Contest is here to drench the year early in red. Tune in every day at 6 PM EST (11 PM GMT+0) to vote for your hottest, coolest and temperatural neutral dudes.


Hayao Miyazaki’s 76th birthday

This week there was also anime’s grumpy ghibli grandpa celebrating the survival of 2016 with his 76th birthday. /r/anime brought a healthy mix of praise and memes. May he hate anime for a long time.


A calender website with automatically updated dates for airing anime and anime music releases made by LordGravewish.

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