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The week of awards. /r/anime award results, /r/anime ongoing awards and Crunchyroll Awards. There are a lot of results to see and a lot of to vote. Additionally almost all seasonal series started running.


Sensible Chuckle

LPT: Most anime have an opening scene of 1.5 minutes

Panic in the streets as LightOfVictory reveals mind blowing pattern in anime. What began as a minor scandal involving a bunch of recent anime, escalated into a conspiracy that goes back two lost decades, as even respected classics like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Digimon Adventure are exposed to having 90 second openings. 30 second opening Pupa condemns the debauchery of it’s peers and vows to keep up the high standards the industry stands for.

The pun has been doubled!


What are the most grating cases of blind anime fanboyism



Fall 2016 Anime Score Progressions (MAL)imgur

Winter 2016 Score Graph

Reimillya took critique of his Summer Score Overview to heart and now showcases both trend and normal development lines for easier comparison between anime. What didn’t change is the neat design of his graphs. Albeit a bit rough at some points, e.g. Diamond is Unbreakable could use a bigger picture for it’s length and it’s inconsistent which line is bolded, but overall it’s easy to look at and conveys it’s information aptly.

Best of /r/Anime 2016 Winners

The best users and content of /r/anime’s 2016 are chosen and honoured. A lot of good picks that are backed by the majority of commenters. The only woe is the Best Cosplay for not being as much of a cosplay than two girls in lingerie with wigs. Probably in the light of that the moderation is [asking for suggestions to replace Best Cosplay next year.

The End of Fall 2016 Survey Results

1,618 people finished the regular end of season survey and as usual the data is presented wonderfully comprehensible by DragonsOnOurMountain.

Tags on MAL

Originally constructed as an discussion about Slice of Life by m3htevas, the thread developed into a broader discussion about the accuracy of tags.

Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2016 Saltfest Discussion Thread Crunchyroll


1,8 million Crunchyroll users voted for their favourites of 2016 and the results were received very badly around the net for various reasons, including /r/anime where a lot of criticism was expressed.

Constructive Criticism for the Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

JoeyJoestar elaborates his view on flaws in the organisation of the Awards and invited a lot of other constructive posts on the topic to the table. A highlight is the appearance of MilesExpress999 from Crunchyroll who indicated that he was passing along the sensible critique.

Gigguk video removed and reinstated

gigguk-anime-awardsAnime YouTuber Gigguk commented on the somewhat controversial Crunchyroll Anime Awards in his familiar style, however posts of his video kept getting deleted as numerous users tried to repost it. After at least eight failed attempts the moderation reinstated one post and left it up, an exception, as moderator faux_wizard remarks.


Why do you dislike Mecha?

A thread by yours truly which went well. A lot of people shared their thoughts on mecha and wonderful discussions about various aspects and the mecha genres as a whole were held. A look in here is interesting no matter the stance on mecha.

[NSFW] What’s your favourite fanservice scene in anime?

Probably the most relevant thread this week was posted by ktmd-life.

What Helped Shape Your Taste in Anime?

In a more interesting variation of the question what brought people into anime, SauceKingRagu asks what anime shaped everyone’s taste. A lot of users brought their interesting experiences and insights.


Discussion: Netflix hiring Director in charge of anime


With keen eye did Atrag spot a Netflix job entry for an higher up specifically for anime. A great discussion thread ensued where people discussed the possibilities of this announcement. Netflix is especially known to receive abandoned franchises with big fanbases and for once anime fans are allowed to dream again about sequels.

List of Anime Production Related Twitter Accounts royaltanki.wordpress.com

A handy and extensive list of industry accounts by RoyalTanki. The creator was also diligent enough to put comments down to better identify individual names easier.

“In This Corner of the World” Named Best Japanese Film of 2016 Crunchyroll

All that noise about Kimi no Na Wa and in swoops In the Corner of this World to grab the price of the best japanese film. As einherjar81 notes: “Best Japanese Film. Period. Not “Best Japanese Animated Film.” Best Japanese Film.

Fall 2016 Oricon Numbers

FukuchiChiisaia21 remarked that the numbers omitted how much time the individual anime had to sell. Flip Flappers was only on sale for two days before the numbers were counted. However a retort by Z3ria reminded everyone about the front-loaded nature of anime sales and the weight of pre-orders.

Amazon Strike is not received very joyfully

What Amazon probably wanted to present as amazing new opportunity for fans, backfires as Amazon Prime-users get concerned about the removal of anime from their access as they are gardually put behind the Amazon Strike paywall. Amazon Strike requires an active Prime membership, making users pay twice if they want to access anime. As the Amazon library is pretty thin on anime and dub only, a lot of fans shrug and turn.


Positivity in /r/music as hack happens

/r/Music was hacked and flooded with anime music. Despite this sudden intrusion the redditors took the best out of it and joyfully upvoted and discussed a suggestion by uttrycksfull about thematic weeks to bring fresh music into a subreddit that was growing a bit bland lately.

I was wrong about anime (the music, at least)

Also related to the /r/music hack incident previous lurker Jixux wrote up a big thread about their discovery of anime music. /r/anime took OP in with wide arms and a lot of recommendations to bolster his experience.

Don’t Try This At Home Project — Week One: Dreams

This is the first step on the path of darkness for porpoiseoflife, who made the arsine plan to watch the 50 worst rated anime on MAL this year. He starts with Dreams before he turns to the nightmares.

My university is teaching an Anime class! Check out our syllabus.


There was a series of posts regarding anime related syllabi with interesting contents. The first post was followed up by My university also teaches an anime class! and Like that anime syllabus? Have two more. Discussions went beyound the curriculums with people sharing their university anime experience.

Aqua’s hairpin is a water molecule


It was brought up and deleted twice. Even if it was discussed in the first season already, quite some people were surprised, as a lot of watchers joined late when the series blew up half-way.

FlipFlappers characters in ED made into lopping GIFs imgur.com


immefrank put the work down and made looping gifs out of the adorable Flip Flappers ending sequence for everyone to use.

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