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Sensible Chuckle

Hi anime reddit, i’m a dad and let me tell you a little problem i’m having with my son.


Spot the main character game!

Many were amused by the Spot the main character game until omegashadow cranked up the difficulty rating by a thousand suns by posting the KyoAni edition.

Gundam Death Flags


Best anime OP/ED to bang to


No dubs, no subs. I watch raw anime only.

Possibly the most badass thread full of badasses on /r/anime. x511100x started the fire and it soon formed to a giant burning chinko.

0/0 is infinity. Therefore, 2D beings in a 2D world can’t see anything. /r/badmathematics


Sandvikovich shared this gem with the Free Talk thread.


The new Moderators


The new moderators are here! Four good people were chosen to bolster the ranks of the moderation. May the bring prosperity and growth to the community, as they already have.

/r/anime Seasonal Ranking ~Ep 1 [Winter 2017]

IISuperSlothII once again made a great effort to present comparable data for popularity of airing anime. It will be interesting to see how the numbers will hold up.

/r/Anime’s 50th Singing Project!

A very special edition of the Singing Project, organized by Tora_the_Tiger. For their 50ths the singers decided to create a medley out of the songs they interpreted so far.

/r/Anime Sings: Goya no Machiawase

zRewinDzz organizes the singing of the first Noragami opening.

Special: International Top Lists

Top 100 anime of Russian MAL equivalent (world-art.ru)

kaverik created an interesting trend by working through the russian MAL equivalent and listing the top 100 anime with their MAL equivalents. After a huge positive responds MAL users from other countries made their own list. Germany even twice, though first one was deleted since it was pulling data from an illegal streaming site.

kagamisamaa, ryorp, SpikeGW, Thengel09, Kubamorlo and Nykveu put diligent work in to presenting the data of their country’s MAL equivalent.

Top 100 anime of Italian MAL equivalent (animeclick.it)

Top 50 anime of Swedish MAL equivalent (animecka.se)

Top 50 anime of Polish MAL equivalent (tanuki.pl)

Top 100 anime of German MAL equivalent (anisearch.de)

Top 100 anime of Czech MAL equivalent (shirai.cz)

Top 100 Anime of French equivalent of MAL (nautiljon.com)


Winter 2017 is the second anime season in a row to NOT have a magic high school battle harem light novel adaptation show.

Independent investigative reporter CheesewithWhine made a mind blowing discovery that challenges the world was we knew it.

Is the reason there isn’t a lot of horror/tokusatsu/yakuza/kaiju anime because it’s already popular in real movies?

lupianwolf poses an interesting question about certain genres that are popular in Japan in general, but less prevalent in anime with an interesting and sizeable replies

What anime do you generally associate with elitists?

nextgenalchemist‘s hunger for anime that are associated with elitists got quite some response. Despite the joking tone there is some fruitful discussion and interesting recommendations to be found.


Trigger’s Tattun responding to questions about Little Witch Academia on /a/

Some humans on /a/ solved the symbols of Little Witch Academia, prompting Trigger PR person Tattun to show up, answer some question and promise them a AMA with one of the anime producers in the near future.

What Unannounced Works Do Anime Studios Have Planned for 2017? blog.sakugabooru.com

The Sakuga Blog is not the first source to compile the information of the NewType magazine regarding the plans of a whole bunch of anime production companies for 2017, but they expanded a bit beyound that and added information from the actual article instead of just using the index. While most statements are rather vague, it’s interesting nevertheless and many humans on /r/anime dared to dream again.

Hanazawa Kana ~ Behind the scene of anime production[07:04]

Potastic subbed a show where Kana Hanazawa was visited while working on Steins;Gate. A fun and interesting watch.

How China’s box office flatline helped Your Name dethrone Spirited Away for the top spot in the international market.

A very enlightening write-up of chuckybegood regarding the timing of Kimi no Na wa in China, which could be attributed to a reasonable part of it’s financial success so far.

Kimi no Na Wa Becomes the Highest Grossing Anime Film of All Time



Durarara!! fan from Seattle goes to Tokyo for pilgrimage, gets accompanied by local TV crew documenting tourists visiting Japan. Days later when episode aired in Japanese TV, Durarara!! author tweeted to thank the guy and the show for showcasing his work.

Durarara!! fan’s dedication gets acknowledged by light novel author

New Funimation website bothers many


Funimation launched a new website and it’s the source of much woe. Quite some threads about decreased audio and video quality to the point where it impacts people’s enjoyment.

Don’t Try This At Home Project — Week Two: Generation of Chaos

porpoiseoflife made it into the second week despite low turnout and marshes bravely forwards with the project.

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