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Weekly Flash 4

A shorter week due to the rescheduling of the publication time of the Weekly Flash from late Saturday to Friday to be posted into the Free Talk Thread.


Sensible Chuckle

TIL SAO and Sword Art Online are the same anime, not two different anime

Shocking enlightenment for eduheqof as he discovers that SAO and Sword Art Art Online were the same thing. All. Along.

Totally triggered by Demi-chan’s ED.

ClavedeSolix explains why Demi-chan is the most deplorable anime this season. Society can only hope for this scandal to blow up and A-1 Pictures fixing this atrocity like Kinema Citrus fixed Kuma Miku.

Kimi no Na Wa is amazing

Want to take a trip through all Kimi no Na Wa news threads? Just follow the link trail that Mage_of_Shadows left behind through various threads.

Take the synopsis of your favorite anime and google translate it multiple times. What is it about now?


The same kind of idea that brought us really weird, yet amusing Disney song cover is put by TehFirstIteration over anime synopses. Redditors got very creative in the way of translation and re-translation and created a lot of amusing dysfunction.

Why do Japanese don’t like butts?


LOOOOPS clearly doesn’t know anime nor /r/anime


Moderator Team AMA

In the light of the news mods a new mod Aks Me Anything made sense. Users were invited to ask the moderation, particularly the new mods their very questions.

People who don’t drop anime at all… why?

DoItForLain aks, the No-Drop-Masterrace responds.

The /r/Anime Writing Contest: Rebooted!

The /r/Anime Writing Contest got lost last year due lack of time, but with fresh sacrifices among them, the mod team is determined to make it happen this year. People who finished up essays for last year’s contest are allowed to send them in again. Everyone has to go diligently to work.

Rate an anime based on how entertaining r/anime’s discussion is

Quality discussions can be a big part of the anime experience and transcend the actual quality of the a series. As such a very intriguing thread created by RealSchon.

Why do people think 5/10 is a bad score for an anime

A surprisingly civil discussion about scoring systems, especially given that it was posted by someone with the username Thehatefulpotato.

What kind of Anime fan are you (in terms of supporting the medium)?

The anime community always carries the rightful stigma of pirating around, but Yu-sempai challenges the users of /r/anime to reflect upon how much they support the industry and how.

What are things you’re tired of seeing in the anime community?

shadow_humper rings in an interesting debate about the shadows upon the community.


What are the “specialties” of various anime studios/staff?

While we do know better than to make the studios themselves the direct cause of every effect in their products, there are some “specialities” that are recognized as typical characteristics of a studio. On the other side there are also certainly a lot individuals who made a name for themselves.

A quarter of the Winter 2017 season

A quarter into the season and Fuuka has already twice the episodes of most other anime.

Colour Palette

Takana_no_Hana explains why Urara Meirochou is so pleasing to the eyes.

Actual Japanese people, what do you think about anime and the culture surrounding it?

An interesting question by sobangcha_ with few, but extensive replies.


Redditor was at an Aimee Blackschleger Q&A Panel

Redditor PPGN_DM_Exia visited a Q&A with others and shared some of Aimee’s answers.

Trigger 4chan AMA

As was promised by Tattun after solving the moon runes, 4chan got an AMA with a produce Little Witch Academia and mostly asked interesting questions. Trigger gracefully dodged the weird ones.


What the hell are these eyes called

A lot of guessing, it’s questionable if ItsEnz0o knows more or less after this thread.

Don’t Try This At Home Project — Week Three: 001

The third entry of the project is of course “001”. While porpoiseoflife‘s thread looks tiny this weeks, it’s just because the anime itself is only 37 seconds long and OP still squeezed three paragraphs out of it.

What’s the strangest role you’ve seen for an anime voice actor?

shadow_humper again, prompting /r/anime to bring up some odd places voice actors went. From bara hentai over GPSs to vaccum cleaners some voice actors had quite the lively jobs.

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