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Sensible Chuckle

Choose Your Anime Flowchart imgur.com


The definitive anime recommendation chart by Zenthon127 for anime that either gets you props or a heavy beating on /r/anime.

Add “-ing” to a title of an Anime


2-2Distracted started a fun variation of the “change something about the title”-game in the form of adding “-ing” to it. There are some quite amusing ideas commented.


Third Best Guy – The one that didn’t lose

ShaKorne807 claims a fresh salt throne of rejected best guys, her thirst is stilled… for now. Space gunslinger Spike Spiegel shot down the mad scientist with a close difference of 126 votes. It’s currently not known whose idea it was anyway to make this a gun duel, but there are whispers about SERN being involved.

/r/Anime Awards 2016 Winners

The grand /r/Anime Awards 2016, organized by lukeatlook, have finished up. A lot of winners were picked by both community and a surprisingly large amount of jury members.

Popular show thats widely misunderstood by the fandom

RedVulpix kicked off an interesting discussion about anime that are misinterpreted by their own fanbases.

/r/Anime Draws!

In connection with /r/Anime Sings PM-ME-YOUR-MOUSTACHE started the /r/Anime Drawing project, where redditors sign up to animate parts of the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood ED “Uso”.

Crunchyroll User Ranking List

Due the lack of sortable Crunchyroll rankings, busfahrer took it into their own hands to sort the anime on Crunchyroll by their ratings.


Anime Trivia

Anime Trivia is always fun. AlexxJoshee made Trivia thread where people actually contributed trivia.

Academic paper about the origins of Yuri manga/anime japanesestudies.org.uk

WolfLarsonFightsWolf posted an quite intriguing and informative article about Yuri.

What’s a common criticism of a show you like that you agree with or can’t really refute?

Even our most beloved ones have flaws. Kamilny asks the community to bring out the weak posts of their mosst favourite anime.


Possible Studio Trigger Patreon

Bananakidman informs about the possible Trigger Patreon that was suggested on 4chan. A notion that was received quite well by /r/anime.

Konosuba Interview with Koichi Kikuta wavemotioncannon.com

A translated interview posted and supported by Canipa09. It gives interesting insights into the work and thought progress of animation director Koichi Kikuta.

Background Art company Atelier BWCA closing down blog.sakugabooru.com

A liked background company closes it’s doors.

So I Showed My Mom Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid…

What seemed to start like a heart warming story about CrackedVault bringing his mother into the light of anime, boiled down to the question if anime characters look japanese. A lot of users refuted this common misconception elaborately.


An apology for my Ayane Sakura/Seiren topic

Humble redditor PhantomWolf83 posted a overly lurid post about Ayane Sakura commenting on her character on Seiren, the Skandalnudel of last week. Though she was a bit taken aback, a language barrier mislead some people, as “bitch” didn’t quite carry the same meaning in Japan as it does in the west. In something that is quite rare in the internet, PhantomWolf83 admitted his mistake and opened a second thread to clarify the issue.

MALgraph just added more achievements and changed the thresholds for most achievements!

And yet more achievement that will stay unconquered as our backlogs spill over.

Best .moe sites?

BasedKami-sama asks for the best .moe sites and redditors post quite the collection indeed.

Don’t Try This At Home Project Week Five – Madonna

The average human has more fingers on their hands than porpoiseoflife‘s project has upvotes, and yet they stand. This time with the epilepsy killer Madonna.

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