/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 07

A wonderful week where adaptations for Tsurezure Children and Kakegurui were announced, that was a bit tainted by Avex Pictures banning the export of it’s products.


Sensible Chuckle

Can girls appreciate anime?

Sadly deleted before I was able to make a copy of the original contents, however the title speaks for itself and the comments are still quite amusing. OP genuinely asked if girls were even able to appreciate anime like men do.


MAL Rankings over 10 years soryukenblog.wordpress.com

Yu-sempai looked at the Top 20 entries of MyAnimeList over the course of the past ten years. They provided both tables and personal commentary.

RedditAnimeList is back redditanimelist.net

After some absence the Jimboom7‘s RedditAnimeList returned with a changed top-level-domain and some improvements. When you have your animelist on reddit flair and a minimum of activitiy on /r/anime, RedditAnimeList will automatically parse and add your scores to the bulk.

Winter 2017 Mid-Season Survey

And here is the Mid-Season Survey by jiecut ready to reveal the real extent of salaryman lovers.

[Release] /r/Anime sings – SOMEONE ELSE (Working!! OP)

Ztanley191 released the somewan-wan-wan-project with the many beautiful voices of /r/anime.

/r/Anime sings: Departure (Hunter x Hunter (2011) OP)

One releases, another one dwells. zibaq wants you to smile again.

Are you embarrassed to be an anime fan?

An interesting topic made by deathnate4. Just click. What’s the matter, dog, you embarrassed?

Your Experience with Anime Source Material

A lot of anime are adapted from source material and often from quite lengthy one, making for incomplete stories. Hence GrooseMoose starting the topic of how often and how much other users were diving into source material due anime.

On the Risks of Discussing Anime

zikari8 talks in a big, but well written text about certain difficulties of discussion and bad behaviour regarding spoilers.


Best animated dance sequences

TKhrowawaY created a nice thread which serves as a wonderful collection of dance sequences in anime.

Create a list of 10 anime you’d use to give a sense of anime as a whole, but cannot use anything MAL’s Top 250 of Ranking or Popularity.

pittman66 opened a very intriguing thread about building representative lists made of less popular anime.

What anime has a satisfying ending, but would still benefit from a sequel?

Sometimes anime end conclusively or at least very satisfying, yet could still continue. PerniciousOctopus asks which anime fellow redditors would like to see continue. There are a lot of interesting thoughts among some confused ones that didn’t quite catch the satisfying ending bit.

[Throwback Thursdays] Week of February 9th 2017 [Berserk 1997]

Laethas takes us on a journey back 20 years into the world of the first Berserk adaptation.

A silent plea for help?

shuffle - cry for help

kevsperanza caught a frame of the anime series Shuffle! with an english plead for help, once again pointing us to the painful job position that is being a regular animator in Japan.


Japanese publisher Avex Pictures enforces export ban on BD/DVD/CDs starting Feb 15

gyarukei shared an email from CDJapan, informing about an export ban of Avex Pictures products. A possible explanation was given by tahlyn who noted that Avex Pictures could prepare the opening of an international branch and didn’t want to compete with itself.

“Kemono Friends” 1st Episode Has Attracted Huge 1.2 Million Views on Nico Nico

The barely known Kemono series started airing and had surprising success. While it’s still at the bottom of the barrel, even the MAL score changed considerably upwards in the past week.

“Shaman King” Manga Author Refused An Offer for Anime Remake

An interesting case of Hiroyuki Takei declining an offer of an Brotherhood treatment out of consideration to the staff of the former adaptation.


English OP and ED list

PixelPenguins put quite some work in, collected OP and ED songs with english language and encouraged others to add to the list. A respectable list of songs with english lyrics.

Valentine’s Day 2017 Megathread

A thread related to everything Valentine’s. As usual there are quite the pretty fanarts going around.

Cleaned and edited chat stickers from the Kobayashi no Maid Dragon ED imgur.com

KiwiSkis put some work in to get the Maid-Dragon chat stickers into an usuable format.

Don’t Try This At Home Project — Week Six: Mahou Shoujo? Naria☆Girls

porpoiseoflife is still at it. This time with more upvotes. Magical Girls make everything better.

Regular Threads

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