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Attention! Cloudflare had a massive security fail, leading to a lot of websites possibly bluntly exposing user data. Aside from the fact that everyone probably used on site, specifically Crunchyroll also used cloudflare. Check this thread for more information. Crunchyroll claimed to not have been effected, however a general look into the matter is recommended (see anttirt’s comment).


Sensible Chuckle


20pdemau shared a funny story from 4chan after someone allegedly was inspired by Nisemonogatari infamous toothbrush scene.

The Waifu Wall

No need to take ThieVuz to Karma Court… for now. After they claimed that their class in school has a waifu corner, but couldn’t prove in the corresponding thread for they had a free week, ThieVuz went back and posted a photo.


Has anime ever inspired you to start a new hobby?

Anime can be inspiring. But is it actually? sashabr asks /r/anime if anime had ever actually inspired them to try a new activity.

r/anime Seasonal Ranking ~Ep 6 [Winter 2017]

IISuperSlothII is at it again with the fresh popularity numbers of the seasonal half-time.

I made a graphic for the /r/anime awards 2016

The anime awards winner presentation was rather plain and honestly a bit hard to read. This is what CommanderSevan thought too and they went out to fix it by creating their own visual winner picture for everyone to enjoy.

How many /r/anime subscribers learn japanese?

Similiar to the “new hobby”-thread above, but more specific. SmokeArts asks if anyone had taken up learning of the japanese language thanks to anime.

FanArt Rule Changes

The moderation made new changes to the posting of FanArt since it got a bit out of hand in recent time.

Free Talk Friday

zhongzhen93 made a stand for the criticized Free Talk Friday on the basis of the data from erkghlerngm44 .

Special: International Top Lists


PSA: According to Amazon reviews the Standalone Complex Blu-Rays are terrible

razorbeamz glanced through Amazon reviews and listed comprehensibly why people should rather buy the DVDs than the heavily flawed BDs.

Why is sex in (non-hentai) anime far less common than western tv/film dramas?

xxruruxx replies to the the thread and explains why sex is less common.

The Curious Effect of Western Literature on Modern Female Anime Character Tropes

save_the_last_dance wrote up an interesting and huge essay on the effect of western literature on modern tropes in anime.


Funimation Data Breach

As if Cloudflare wasn’t enough, Funimation got in trouble for their own data leakage.

Chinese anime director, Wang Xin, critiques the Japanese industry’s animation process

SingularCheese translated an interview of an chinese anime director commenting on the Japanese industry with interesting insights and perspective.

Yuri Lowenthal (Sasuke from Naruto) AMA

English voice actor Yuri Lowenthal held an AMA on the Naruto subreddit.


What’s up with emergency numbers in anime?

Besamel did the wikipedia search and informs about emergency numbers. Nothing big, but interesting nonetheless.

I finally cracked the letters in “To You, The Immortal” imgur.com

This is /r/manga, but it’s too neat to ignore. snowballgarnet cracked the apparent fantasy letters in the new work of the “Koe no Katachi” mangaka.

Thanks r/anime, my 2-year old loved your suggestions!

We did it reddit! Apparently someone gave Comassion the tip of Bananya to show to their kid – and the kid liked it.

So I looped the first part of Little Witch Academia’s ED

CodexVII looped the colourful abstract animation that appears in LWA’s ED. Very pretty and mesmerizing.

Update to Mal Graph

Flajavin updated MAL Graph interface, including showing the development of statistics every day.

Don’t Try This At Home Project – Red Colored Bridge

In their seventh week porpoiseoflife is still kicking, giving out the first 0/5, actually wondering what this project is even doing in the list.

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