/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 09

Some changes from the moderation, otherwise a rather calm week.


Sensible Chuckle


Commentface removals

The culling is here again. Save your favourite little used comment faces by reason with urban.

Winter 2017 Mid-Season Survey Results!

The mid season results arrived with interesting data as usual. The most damning one being the relationship status of 85,7% singles.

/r/Anime Discord discord.gg

After the moderation rejected an official discord for a long time, they now introduced one, while still maintaining the ir channel.


What was the show that made you think, “Dang, this is why I love anime.”

CausalCheeseLover asks about the anime that made everyone fall in love.

Spring 2017 Anime PV Compilation twitter.com

A compilation of PVs for next season on various platforms. Very comfy if you like to view them in block.

Anime Cameos

An interesting thread about cameos in anime. From general explanations regarding the status of copyright laws and doujinshi.


The Return of Miyazaki

Er ist wieder da.

About the wage of animators

twicebakedsandwich presents a good elaboration of thoughts about the wages and passion in anime from the perspective of a former game developer.


HanaKana’s birthday

/r/anime celebrates HanaKana’s birthday by talking about heir favourite HanaKana roles.

After the “Darkness is boobs” joke, all of Darkness’ squeals in Season 2 have been voiced acted as “~nyu” or “mammaries” /r/konosuba

An interesting nudge by zryn3 about the voice actress of Darkness trying (and failing) to sneak “~nyu” past the director by herself.

Don’t Try This At Home Project – Wonder Momo

Bless the valiant soul that porpoiseoflife. Now he tackled and almost broke on the Wonder Momo.

Bought some Konosuba production materials and this was amongst them!

samwisevimes aquired some KonoSuba production materials and showcased the height chart.

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