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This week: BBC’s Stacey Dooley on her campaign to paint anime in the light of child pornography, Samuel L. Jackson once again showing his open support for anime and hentai and appreciation for female heads in the anime industry, all to the awesomeness of Zen Zen Zense being sung by a boatload of huge artists on one stage.


Sensible Chuckle

Expectations vs Reality for cosplay imgur.com

TheDerped posted a huge imgur collection of images depicting cosplay shoots and how they were created. Quite endearing and funny how they look behind the scenes.

Code Geass fan in charge of school announcements imgur.com

ajayk111 noticed an out of place quote from Code Geass in the school announcement monitor.

MilleniumKing was ready_ for this

Getting a tattoo is serious business and when pinkdolphin02 presented his Haruhi tattoo, MillenniumKing was on the case to point out mistakes.


Crunchyroll Reveals the Voting Data Behind the 2016 Anime Awards

Already forgot about the upset about the Crunchyroll Awards? Crunchyroll certainly hasn’t and shows of a lot of data, that shows that the issue was America’s fault. Thanks Obama.


Anime whose creators clearly didn’t know much about science

Yours truly made a thread about odd science in anime, with many interesting responses and amusing examples.

Anime episode runtime

StormRuler started an interesting discussion about the time format of anime.

Prevalence of Yoshoku Dishes in Modern Anime

A lot of surprisingly huge comments with elaboration about food in anime followed an equally big elaborate post by save_the_last_dance.

50 Years Ago – February 1967/2017 – The New Wave Ninja Manual

aniMayor posted another impressively detailed look back 50 years ago, this time taking cracking down on Ninja Bugeichou.

What are your favorite stories inside openings/endings

Openings and Endings sometimes tell stories on their own. So bananeeek asks about everyone’s favourite examples of little stories that play out in these 90 seconds.

Iyashikei – The Science of Comfy

DrJWilson explains the Iyashikei genre in a wholesome post.


Why did anime fall out of popularity with cartoon networks?

Tehbeefer explains why anime fell out of popularity during the anime bubble and elaborates why it’s currently not niche, but bigger than ever.

BBC’s Stacey Dooley vs Anime

BBC reporter Stacey Dooley was always a journalist that was trying to highlight misery of children in the world. However in her good intention she shot too far as she interviewed Takashi Nogami for three hours, insulted him and his work and then didn’t include the loaded interview at all.

She is no stranger to trouble in Japan, as she violated reporting on suicides to prevent copycats in 2012 and was taken in by police for two hours after she wouldn’t stop filming in 2016.

The topic was so hot that it made it to a second thread.

John K. rant about anime & color theory

AndyLC posts an odd blog post by John K. (Ren & Stimpy) where he praises use of colours in anime, but then goes on a small race rant.


Zelda Williams and her copy of Paranoia Agent twitter.com

Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams posted her signed and illustrated copy of Paranoia agent that was gifted by Satoshi Kon himself to her father.

International Women’s Day

5213 rings in /r/anime’s appreciation of female workers in the anime industry.

Samuel L. Jackson likes anime (youtube.com)

Samuel L. Jackson is a long known anime fan. He produced both Afro Samurai anime and notably joined the live action adaptation of Kite because he was a fan of the hentai.

AI that generates Moé now on the quest for the one true Best Girl (musyoku.github.io)

slashcom posted a neural net that tries to capture the nature of moe.

Don’t Try This At Home Project – Yume 10 Yoru

porpoiseoflife arrived at week 9, this time with Yume 10 Yoru.

Collection of Yunyun’s letters imgur.com

Mr_Meowmers collected Yunyun’s sad letters from KonoSuba 2 thus far.

The Real OTP of Anime. imgur.com

Funimation and Crunchyroll get all lovely-dovey again.

Zen Zen Zense sung by a massive amount of artists youtube.com

urban287 posted a video of an impressive amount of high profile music artists performing Zen Zen Zense together.

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