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This week was overshadowed by the Crunchyroll Bitrate incident and anger against the stream provider and among the divided community. Yet we got great informative threads about the credit entries in OPs and EDs, insights into fansubbing as well as the english translation of the Anime Industry Report 2016, showing another year of healthy growth.


Sensible Chuckle

Screenshots that look like massive spoilers out of context

YoSoyRawr made redditors post out-of-context screenshots that look like spoilers. A fun thread with much participation.

Take an anime screenshot and make it sound lewd

Similar to YoSoyRawr’s thread above, but this one by AnimeFreakXP sets the whole image as a punchline for a lewd sounding description.



YinPhoenix replied in the What I watched, What I expected, What I Got-Thread

English in Anime (2016) youtube.com

l3reezer did mammoth work and compiled english phrases and names from 2016, culminating in 35 minute long video of hilarity.


Fun Fansubbing Facts

notbob- gives a few insights into fansubbing and how brief glimpse into how much work actually goes into it.

Winter 2017 Anime popularity Ranking on Japanese Twitter

Tanoshi! BestGirlClammy posted an overview about the popularity of anime among japanese fans on Twitter, showing the supremacy of Kemono Friends. Generally a lot of differences between the popularity on /r/anime and japanese AniTwitter.

Why Do People Think That A 7/10 is a Bad Score?

Inspired by Jim fucking Sterling RedVulpix opened a discussion about scoring. While the anime scores are not as severely skewed as the gaming industry’s, anime scores tend to be skewed upwards.

/r/anime about lesser known shows

The irregular regular thread posted by Terranwaterbender let’s redditors assess the opinion of other fans about less popular shows.


Good Recaps

Most people dread and skip recap episodes, since they usually don’t add much. But sometimes they do and comments responding to The_hentai_christ list a few interesting recap ideas.

Best & Worst case of Techno-Babble you’ve ever heard in an Anime

2-2Distracted opens a discussion about Techno-Babble.

What are some common themes in anime that’s a myth about Japanese culture?

There are some tropes in media that can carry themselves in fiction longer than they do in real life. kevin32 whipped up an interesting thread about common themes in anime that don’t hold true.


OP/ED credit entries

Taiboss wrote up a huge glossary of credit entries found in OPs and EDs of anime, with translation and elaboration on their actual jobs.

Tom Bauer AMA

Voice actor of Feitan, Tom Bauer, held an AMA on /r/Hunter x Hunter.

Anime Industry Report 2016 imgur.com

Josef_Bittenfeld posted a translated version of the anime industry report for last year, continuing the growth streak to a sixth year. A notable part of the success goes to the oversee market: China makes up a significant part of the profit.

Crunchyroll Bitrate

Crunchyroll has reduced bitrate by 40-70%, damaging video quality to save money

The storm started to gather when AlyoshaV created a thread about his observations on Crunchyroll’s quality. A huge discussion broke loose, making the thread the seventh most upvoted thread in /r/anime’s history within a day.

Crunchyroll’s reduced video quality is deliberate cost-cutting at the expense of paying customers medium.com

Daiz wrote up a comprehensive article about the issues with Crunchyroll. Explaining the situation and the technical aspects behind it in length.

Crunchyroll’s official statement crunchyroll.com

Crunchyroll’s official statement on the issue. Despite attempts to calm the storm with explanations, a lot of people remained skeptical over some inconsistencies. Most are now waiting for the announced blog post with more details.

Improving Video Quality for Crunchyroll and VRV medium.com

Ellation released the promised blog post, both apologizing and promising flexible bitrates and better overall quality for all their videos. While more people found that response acceptable, scepticism and mistrust in the promises persists.

The last word is not yet spoken

Asenshi’s joletb explaines how things are still not well with the new encoding settings.


Kuzo no Honkai OP

dragongt1994 noticed something nifty about the name of the Kuzu no Honkai OP, Sparks of Lies by turning the reading order around.

What I Watched, What I Expected, What I Got – Winter 2017

Jimboom7 made thread with a template challenging people to create fitting What I watched, What I expected, What I got-images for the season. YoSoyRawr won the thread, but there are still some other amusing works to be found in that thread.

Don’t Try This At Home Project: Petting A Dog

porpoiseoflife is taking it easy, this week only watching a man petting a dog six times. Though he probably needs this before next week’s entry.

How to watch Anime on Nintendo Switch

warmerspy shared a tutorial that allows to access the hidden browser in the Nintendo Switch.

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