/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 12


A rather quiet week after the Crunchyroll incident last week, the subreddit brimming in anticipation for the upcoming season, happily watching and discussing new PVs and information snippets.


Sensible Chuckle

Should I watch Dragon Ball in 480p or 720p?

MarieDuPont asks the old age question. To which the answer is of course “ripped VHS”.

Post the name of a show, everyone who hasn’t seen it has to reply

It’s easy to build certain impressions about anime without watching them when hanging around /r/anime. sashabr asked people to name anime and people who haven’t seen it to state what they learned from /r/anime.

Pitch the most generic anime you can imagine.

teeno731 made a fun thread asking people to pitch a generic anime. There were both creative attempts and anti-recommendations for existing anime.


r/anime Seasonal Ranking ~Ep 9 [Winter 2017]

IISuperSlothII, diligent as always, released the new seasonal ranking.

What the front page of /r/anime used to look like on February 4, 2009.

Mike4992 made the interesting notion of posting the frontpage of /r/anime via waybackmachine, offering some amusing threads.

Kuzu no Comment Faces: Part II – Suggestions

The time to suggest comment faces to replace the old ones has come.

Do you actually get turned on by the fanservice?

amonaroll put up an interesting topic. Are people actually turned on by fanservice? A lot of interesting replies.

Why isn’t there more contact between the Japanese and Western anime communities?

Redditors explain to valorzard why japanese and international communities are seperated as they are.

Meta Survey

A general survey by the moderation about the state of the subreddit and the satisfaction with it.

Start of Spring 2017 Survey

With the new season on the doorstep, there is of course once again the question what people are looking forward to.


Pedophilia in Anime

Pedophilia in anime is a topic that occasionally comes up. Just recently we had Stacey Dooley connecting the two. This thread is interesting, because it’s chunk full of arguments regarding the topic.

The Spring 2017 Airing Schedule

Mathgeek007 made a handy table with the airing times of the spring anime.


AnimeJapan 2017

cycle112 reminded the subreddit of the upcoming AnimeJapan 2017 and asked about expectations regarding trailers and announcements.


Regular Threads

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