/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 13

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The week was lit with new announcements, PVs and key visuals from the Anime Japan 2017 and the surprising appearance of a bunch of anime series for cheap on Steam.


Sensible Chuckle

“Onii-chan you’re wearing me out!”


A thread title goes terribly right.

What if Naruto was just a filler for Boruto?

This Biiiiiiiiismuth should smoke less weed.

A tsundere is a lot like an orange

LargeNosedMan should also smoke less weed.


MyWaifuList mywaifulist.moe

Rocchi presented the new web service MyWaifuList to the community, a website where people can rate girls and put them in the trash. Please don’t repeat in real life.

Comparing /r/anime’s Top 50 Anime to those of major anime database sites

shadowpandax looked at six different websites where users can rate anime and compared their top rankings in tables.

How I’ve Avoided Anime Burnout

Xeiros gives tips in a big post how to possible avoid crashing down with an anime burnout.

Neregate closes down on April 13th neregate.com

/r/anime says their goodbyes to one of the most well known chart providers, Neregate.


One of the weaknesses about subs

xthesavior complains about a certain bad trait of subs and started a wonderful thread about subs.

Why Yuri is so pure but Yaoi isn’t

awerture explains in great detail how people mistake Yuri and Yaoi for two sides of the same coin when they are in fact not.


Is Crunchyroll really terrible recently for anyone else?

Byeah10 complains about Crunchyroll and others agree on the recent stability of the service.

Crunchyroll and Steam partner up

Surprisingly Steam and Crunchyroll partnered up, with several anime shows featured in a sale with steep prices.


Help a blind person enjoy anime.

An interesting thread where /r/anime describe an anime in detail to johnnytai.

Why are anime character blood types listed on Wiki’s so often?

Users explain why blood types are so often featured with anime characters.

Aoi Yuuki’s birthday

/r/anime celebrates Aoi Yuuki’s birthday.

A collection of 3,500 endcards and eyecatches mega.nz

arkenmyrk collected a lot of endcards and eye catchers.

Don’t Try This At Home Project — Week 12: Aos

porpoiseoflife is somehow still not dead. But well, he hasn’t reached Pupa yet.

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