/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 14

And so the winter ended with a loud bang as Crunchyroll brought anime to Steam.


Sensible Chuckle

You can’t spell anime with out math. I can do spelling.


Is it acceptable to break up with a friend over anime?

ProMeleePlayer got into a fight with a friend about waifus, /r/anime in their responsible role as professional social advisers had some helpful comments to give.


Start of Spring 2017 Survey Results

The result of the Spring Survey 2017 are out with the usual fascinating community data.

Winter 2017 Anime Score Progressions

Reimillya as usual put the work in to create beautiful graphs showing the development of anime series over the course of the season. Though initially lacking Kemono Friends data, they used achieved numbers.


Winter 2017 Season Retrospective

sleepyafrican started a well visited discussion thread about the Winter Season 2017 itself,
working with structured top-level comment themes people can talk about.

50 Years Ago – March 1967/2017 – A Golden Era of Storytelling (and Bats)

aniMayor put another huge, well written post out, elaborating about the anime series Golden Bat and everything it influenced and was influenced by.

What is the most beautiful single frame in an anime?

A lot of pretty frames can be found in this thread by Slay3d.


April Fools Megathread

April Fools was upon us and all pranks were limited to this thread, where jokes by users and genuine jokes of the industry were collected.

Anime In Danger Because of Shortage in Animators

jonskywalkerbrahs used tweets by an japanese anime to kick off the discussion of an interesting development in the industry that can’t keep up with it’s own popularity anymore. As demands from the west and china grow bigger,
as more anime are created the industry starts to struggle to find enough animators with its troublesome production environments and low wages.


The One Anime That Saved My Life From Suicide

Leafyistrippy tells his story about his colourful life leading him close to suicide and how Boku no Hero Academia helped him stay alive by inspiration.


iAmNewmer opened an interesting game where people used Sketchtoy to draw their least and most favourite anime character. Some really impressive drawings appeared in the comments.

Don’t Try This At Home Project – C.L.A.Y.

porpoiseoflife barely survived C.L.A.Y. and maybe hit rock bottom. Maybe.

Dragonball Z Abridged has been removed from YouTube

Toei did it again.

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