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/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 13

The week was lit with new announcements, PVs and key visuals from the Anime Japan 2017 and the surprising appearance of a bunch of anime series for cheap on Steam.


/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 12

A rather quiet week after the Crunchyroll incident last week, the subreddit brimming in anticipation for the upcoming season, happily watching and discussing new PVs and information snippets.

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/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 11

This week was overshadowed by the Crunchyroll Bitrate incident and anger against the stream provider and among the divided community. Yet we got great informative threads about the credit entries in OPs and EDs, insights…

/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 10

This week: BBC’s Stacey Dooley on her campaign to paint anime in the light of child pornography, Samuel L. Jackson once again showing his open support for anime and hentai and appreciation for female heads…

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/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 08

Attention! Cloudflare had a massive security fail, leading to a lot of websites possibly bluntly exposing user data. Aside from the fact that everyone probably used on site, specifically Crunchyroll also used cloudflare. Check this…

/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 07

A wonderful week where adaptations for Tsurezure Children and Kakegurui were announced, that was a bit tainted by Avex Pictures banning the export of it’s products.

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/r/Anime Weekly 2017 – 04

A shorter week due to the rescheduling of the publication time of the Weekly Flash from late Saturday to Friday to be posted into the Free Talk Thread.